"THANK YOU" to the

AJ & Sigismunda palumbo charitable trust

DuBois Christian Schools is honored to announce that the A.J. and Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust has awarded a grant in the amount of $25,000 to the DCS Scholarship Fund! 

On Friday, April 8th, 2022 Trustees Karin Pfingstler and Joe Palumbo came to DCS to announce the grant award.  The mission of the A.J. and Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust is to make Western Pennsylvania a better place by providing hope for the future and improving the quality of life for those who need our help and support. The mission of DuBois Christian Schools is to partner with parents in the Christian Education of their students academically socially and spiritually.  The DCS Scholarship Fund that this grant supports financially, helps to make private Christian education accessible to children and families from all socio-economic backgrounds and helps to fulfill both of the above mission statements! 

DCS and the families we serve are extremely grateful for this grant funding and encouragement from the Palumbo Charitable Trust and its trustees.


Pictured L-R are Karin Pfingstler (Trustee), Pastor Mark Montgomery (FBC Pastor and DCS Administrator), Joe Palumbo (Trustee), and Tracy Shenkle (DCS Director of Development)

S&T BANK contributes $5,000 to the DCS Scholarship Fund

DCS is so grateful for the continued support of S&T Bank, who  confirmed a contribution of $5,000 to the DCS Scholarship Fund through the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program.

  The EITC program allows businesses to invest in education locally by directing certain tax dollars to schools in the form of contributions to be utilized as tuition assistance scholarships for students.  The EITC program is a beneficial program for both businesses and schools in Pennsylvania.  DCS has been participating in the EITC program since 2010 and S&T Bank has been a longstanding contributor also. 

We are extremely grateful for the partnership of businesses like S&T Bank, whose EITC contributions allow us to provide tuition assistance scholarships to students and families at DCS.

Just this week (May 2022) students at DCS were able to meet and personally thank S&T Branch Manager Jessica Runyon for the EITC contribution made to DCS!  

Pictured in photo L-R: Pastor Mark Montgomery (DCS Administrator), Connor DeLarme (DCS 7th Grade student), Carter Morrison (DCS 2nd Grade Student), Kassie Dilts (DCS 8th Grade student) Jessica Runyon (S&T Bank Branch Manager), and Lilley Heffner (DCS 2nd Grade student)

dcs friends and partners

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who have participated in EITC or donated to the DCS Scholarship Fund.