Financial Aid

The services of FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment will be used to determine the eligibility of families for tuition assistance. This is a reputable assessment company that is not affiliated with DuBois Christian Schools or First Baptist Church. All information is submitted directly to, and held confidentially by, FACTS.

Instructions for completing FACTS application:

Click the link below and log in or create an account (if necessary) 

Under ‘Schools’ on your application, please select “DuBois Christian Schools” AND Under ‘Organizations’ please select “Children’s Tuition Fund.” If those options are not automatically listed, click on ‘Add School/Organization’ and add each of the above.

Complete the application following all instructions and submit the necessary documents to FACTS.  PLEASE NOTE: your application is not fully submitted until all requested documentation is submitted (tax forms, W-2s etc.)   

To complete the FACTS form for Financial Aid, please Click Here

FACTS application fees are the responsibility of families who apply. All applications must be submitted online. All families are placed on a 10 or 12 month payment schedule, receiving 1/10 or 1/12 of their tuition assistance as credit on each monthly bill.